About Us

Why Choose the Beer Bong Shop?

The Beer Bong Shop is a small, local business wanting to supply Kiwis with the tools to have a good time! We all know us Kiwis love a drink or two, and what a better way to consume than with a Beer Bong product. 

The Beer Bong Shop Team are excited to bring these products into the country and sell them to fellow Kiwis. We take pride in ensuring that your shopping experience is hassle-free, unlike ordering from overseas websites.

Are you really a Kiwi if you haven't tried a Beer Bong? Let us give you that experience. 

High-Quality Products

There is nothing worse than purchasing products that do not work or do not live up to their advertisements (especially after telling all your mates how cool they are). 

This is why the team at The Beer Bong Shop conduct thorough testing of our products, ensuring our customers receive high quality products which meet their expectations. 

If the unlikely event of something being not up to standard, we can assure you our Refund/Replace policy will help you get the product you deserve.

Excellent Customer Service

We are your typical Kiwis, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service - whatever you need, whenever you need.

You guys are important to us and we welcome any questions, concerns or ideas to sales@beerbong.shop or @BeerBong.shop on Instagram.

Our small team are available 24/7 and we aim to respond within just a few hours. 

Your feedback and ideas help us to provide products and services that you want and need.