Shotgun Tool Opener

Shotgun Tool Opener

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2021 Beer Bong Shop New Arrival Original Aluminium Alloy 4 in 1 Can Tab Opener Metal Shotgun Tool Opener

If you like to drink beer and you like to drink it fast, there’s a new invention to help you speed slake your thirst, The ABS Opener! This opener has been around since beers have been sold in cans. To shotgun a beer, you poke a hole in the side of the can, place your mouth over the hole, and then pop the top opening of the can. This two hole combo allows the beer to flow as fast as you can drink it. The downside of shot gunning is that using a knife or traditional can opener often leaves a jagged serrated edge that can cut your hand or lips.



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Shotgun Tool Opener

Shotgun Tool Opener
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